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Here is a short video about how to use the “Pin Page” feature in Notebook 10 software.

Post a comment if you have any suggestions for other videos. I am trying to compile a small library of these videos.


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SMART Board Tech, Tools and Thoughts

By Michael Newman, SMART Certified Trainer and Technology Facilitator at Golda Och Academy, West Orange, NJ, formerly Solomon Schecther Day School of Essex and Union.

I have been using the SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard for five years. This past year I became certified as a Notebook 10 Trainer. During my certification process, I learned many new tricks and tools. I would like to share a couple with you now.

 Frequently students are asked to read paragraphs and then answer questions about them. Maybe you have a graph or a table that you need to show as a process is demonstrated? That is when my new favorite, “Pin Page” comes into play.

 The “Pin Page” feature allows you to pin one page to the left of the screen while you continue through the remainder of your notebook file pages. You can have access to a table, graph, paragraph or any page in the lesson you need. “Pin Page” is not located on your main screen, which is one reason why I never noticed it.

 Here are a few quick steps to help you access “Pin Page”:

~ Right click on the grey tool bar at the top of the screen (or select view/customize toolbar from start menu). That will bring up the “Customize Toolbar” window.

~ Click on the push pin and drag it to the tool bar; it is now there for your use.

~ Set your screen to dual page and bring the page you wish to “pin” to the left side of the screen.

~ Click the push pin.

~Now when you change pages, the “pinned” page stays open

~ This tool enables students to learn more effectively.

Additionally, using the customize toolbar function, you may add or remove any of the tools according to your usage; there are many others to explore.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

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